Art of the Creatively Productive

I think everyone expects artists to be flakey, disorganized and non-productive. While I am an artist and some of those qualities are represented in my personal life, I strive to keep them out of my professional life. For instance if I say I'm going to be somewhere and show or make a meeting, I'll be there. If I am oraganzing a show or event, it will be organized to the last detail. I work a 40-hour job, I paint, I have a studio space, I manage two monthly art shows and I write. I'm on a committee that has many duties and I spend time with my family. So I am productive in many circles. This Tumblr is a place where I can share all my lives, loves and responsibilities. Enjoy the chaos.

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My tiny little studio. Ahhhhhhhhhhh $60/month and worth every single cent!


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